Ned Kelly Educational Talks and lectures

From a Kelly Gang Descendant


Ned Kelly is arguably the best known Australian of all time, some say our only folk hero.

Ned Kelly has become an Australian icon, a larger than life character. No other historical figure has helped shape our national identity like Ned Kelly.

Ned Kelly and his gangs exploits have polarised and fascinated our nation for over 130 years.

Similarly no other figure in Australian history conjures up so much controversy or differing opinions, people either look upon Ned Kelly as the quintessential Australian legend, a fighter against corrupt authority, the ultimate underdog.

Other people think his was just a common criminal , cold blooded murderer and a colonial terrorist.

Never before has a relative of the Kelly Gang come forward to tell the story to school children of what really occurred. In a fun, educational, and HISTORICALLY CORRECT shows/lectures that will captivate adults, students and teachers alike.


Never Before